Brainy Mondays – Our New Series

brain-1845962_640How much do you know about your brain? Given the fact that it controls every single action, motion, craving, and decision we will ever make, we ought to know more about it, don’t you think? Brain-knowledge can help you understand and heal your life, overcome addictions, conquer depression, raise healthier kids, and find happiness in general. Our new series ‘Brainy Mondays’ is going to share a quick brain fact that everyone has the time to read. So let’s get started with a brainy myth buster.


The skull does a great job in protecting the brain inside.


Nope! The skull has multiple sharp ridges inside. Although, your brain floats in a sea of cerebrospinal fluid, each time you hit your head even in a playful manner you cause your brain to be smashed up against the inside of your skull causing it to be injured. Your brain has the firmness of soft butter. Throwing it against a hard surface with sharp ridges is going to hurt it. Helmets only protect the skull from breaking in case of an injury. They do nothing in terms of protecting the brain from being injured by the ridgy interior of the skull. Most of the time, you will not feel an injury despite the fact that you did injure your brain. Nerve and cell damage is certain when your brain hits the interior of the skull.

Now what?

  • rethink activities such as playing football or hitting a soccer ball with your head
  • don’t laugh this one off! If you are struggling with mood disorders, depression, addiction etc. take the time to inventory your past and write down incidences when you received trauma to your head even if it seemed like no big deal at the time
  • share this brainy fact with friends and family!

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