Charlie is Settling In

Our cute-as-a-button-newbie ‘Charlie’ is settling in very well. He has now learned to walk on an improvised leash and goes for three walks a day! Since he doesn’t know his new home very well yet, we feel it is safer for him to walk on a leash. He is a great little walker and truly enjoys when the dogs accompany us for the walks as well. The farm is a wonderland for him with so much to discover! Every time after he returns back to the barn after one of his hikes he is ready for a snack and a subsequent nap.

A horse leadrope works for now as a leash for Charlie to keep him save on his outings.

We’d say, the little man is doing pretty good! It is lovely to see how well he does. When our new small animal barn is done this summer, he will have his own fenced outdoor enclosure to enjoy at his leisure.

So far – so good. You go Charlie!

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