Let’s Get Reading!

girl-160172This program invites you to bring out your young child and get him or her involved in reading to our animals. Yes, you read that right! We encourage kids to read to the animals. Books are fun all by themselves but ask a child to read to a sweet lamb, calf, or a sick horse and the motivational level to read may just skyrocket!
Aside from learning to read more efficiently, children have a chance to develop their sense of kindness and compassion by engaging in the selfless and generous act of reading to an animal to help a sick animal get well or help a stressed and anxious animal become calmer.

Let’s Get Reading, is a win-win for all involved. A child’s desire to do something kind for the animal can help increase the ability to concentrate and focus which is an essential skill for educational success. You can bring a book from home, the library, or even have your child bring out her/his homework reading assignment to participate in Let’s Get Reading.