Ex-Incarcerated Re-Entry Support

Part of our mission in helping ex-incarcerated individuals integrate back into the communities is to share information about housing, jobs and other resources with you. While some resources are listed in publications and on websites, many are not. In those instances it is frequently just word of mouth that helps connect someone to what he or she was looking for.

dsc_0830If you need help, please consider coming to one of our Re-entry Support Groups. Watch our event calendar for details. Participation in those meetings is completely free of charge and encourage those attending to freely reach out to one another and see how we might help each other. So, if you hear of a resource and even though it may not be useful to you at the time, you may run into someone at the meeting who would be grateful for it. Likewise, in turn people will feel compelled to help you find what you need.

Re-entry can be a difficult long road but together we can make it easier.