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As a nonprofit publishing house, we specialize in nonfiction and fiction for children, teens, and adults with uplifting and inspiring content. Since The Good Press operates under the umbrella of GA Sanctuaries, The Good Press produces all and every publication for GA Sanctuaries‘ own needs. Such publications include magazines, bookazines, books, and brochures in a wide variety of formats and designs. Proceeds from the sale of any such productions benefit our many important projects such as our program for the children of the incarcerated, our farm animal sanctuary, and others.




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Prison Life Magazine is a 40 – 60 page quarterly publication distributed for free to Kentucky’s jails and prisons. Its content from various authors is uplifting and informative for inmates, recently released men and women, those working in the field of re-entry assistance, as well as loved ones of those incarcerated. The magazine is printed in black/white at the prison print shop (KCI) at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex which also employs inmates and allows them to gain work experience in the field of print productions. We also make a full-color version of the magazine available via Amazon. Helping people successfully re-enter our communities is important for all of us as it makes our communities economically more successful and safer. This magazine is funded by donations. To help us make this magazine available in the future, please consider purchasing a subscription or making a donation to our re-entry programs at


Children’s Literature & Activity Books:




Projects Currently in Development:

The following projects are currently in development but need your support and donation to go to market.

  • Empowered to Succeed (book)
  • The Re-START Bookazine (a collectible series helping to make a re-start in life after addiction)
  • The Freedom Carousel (a workbook used in our Right On! Success Coaching program for women)
  • Count on Kindness (a children’s math activity book)
  • Finding Forward (helpful content for loved ones of the addicted and incarcerated)

We are constantly working on providing more content that helps and inspires!